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Luke Leesburg – Golf Pro & Local Photographer

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Check In recently reached out to local Golf Professional Luke Leesburg who enjoys taking photographs in his spare time. Luke is a local photographer and helped us create images to tell a story of Queenstown. His style and classic kiwi can-do attitude matched everything Check In believes in and we decided pretty quickly we were keen to get him involved.

Luke shot photographs over several weeks and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of his imagery.

We caught up with him and asked a few questions to get to know him a bit better.

Get to know Luke…

Where are you from: Wellington, New Zealand. 

How long have you been in Queenstown? 4 Years and not leaving anytime soon. 

What is your profession: Golf Professional and Events Manager Jack’s Point Golf Course.

Why and/or how did you get into photography: Started shooting on my phone and got to a point where I needed a camera, Once I made my first purchase it was game over. I now never leave the house without my camera. 

What’s your favourite time of day to shoot and why? Dawn is always the money time for golf, get a cold morning with dew and fog surrounding the course, makes everything more dramatic. Anytime with my friends, somehow there is always a funny moment to capture. 

What’s an unexpected experience you would recommend to Friends and Family visiting Queenstown: ​Kayaking Milford Sound. 

Favourite place to dine in Queenstown? Slow cuts all day every day, no doubt in my mind. Happily, have an argument if anyone disagrees.  

What’s your favourite golf course in Queenstown and why? Jack’s Point obviously… some of my favourite memories have been made on that golf course. The views help as well. 

What animal do you think closely matches your personality? Border Collie, insane but never a dull moment.  

If you are needing to add to your image library, reach out to us today and we can put you in touch with Luke directly or view Lukes portfolio here.

Do you have a part time hobby or interest that you would like to showcase? Speak to our team today we would love to talk to you further to discuss.

  • Luke - Queenstown Based golf professional. Hobby is photography
  • Sunset in Quenstown, Central Otago