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Holiday Home or Hotel – Your Next Queenstown Getaway.

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Dreaming of your next Queenstown getaway but don’t know whether to book a holiday home or hotel? We know it can be hard when it comes to these tough decisions but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are Check In’s top 6 reasons why you should book a holiday home on your next Queenstown getaway:

Create your Dream Experience

Are you after a VIP experience, looking to relax and unwind or want all the perks of a hotel while having the luxury of a holiday home? The opportunities are endless, holiday homes give you the freedom to plan to suit your needs.

Local Tip: Check In Queenstown is Queenstown’s newest digital concierge service, here to tailor your experience to suit your needs and budget. Check In Queenstown are your local point of contact to help you elevate your Queenstown experience.                          


Having access to facilities like a fully equipped kitchen not only saves you money but allows you to cater for fussy eaters and/or children.

Local Tip: Most holiday homes will have access to washers and dryers which are a must have, especially when travelling with children. If you have requirements for any other amenities Check In Queenstown can arrange on your behalf.

Kid Friendly

Holiday homes are the perfect way for you to unwind and relax as a family. Allowing you to maximise the space of a full-sized home and be comfortable in your surroundings while on holiday. To save the stress and money you can book a holiday home that gives you enough space no matter the size of your group.

Group Gatherings

It’s nice to have a weekend getaway with friends and elevating the experience by sharing a the experience and cost of a holiday home. When sharing the cost with your group this allows you to have a bigger budget. Enabling you to experience something new on your holiday.

Privacy Space

Privacy is guaranteed when booking holiday homes. Whether you are looking to relax solo, with your partner or with family & friends you can be sure to have a peaceful and relaxing experience. You can book and know when you arrive at your accommodation the space will be all yours and only yours.

Local Tip: Due to the current world circumstances if you book a holiday home you will be away from crowds. Which is a massive perk, giving you access to cleaner services with less interactions with others.

Personal Concierge Service

It’s no secret it’s not what you know it’s who you know. When looking to discover new experiences and hidden gems in Queenstown Check In are your people. Check In is Queenstown’s newest digital concierge service. We offer a level of personal experiences, local insights, hidden gems and connect you with unexpected experiences. Check In help tailor your Queenstown getaway and ensure you use their knowledge to your advantage.

With endless holiday home options book your next journey now and come and explore like a local in our backyard.

Contact Check Ins Concierge Team today.

  • Group gathering with friends in holiday setting
  • Queenstown Getaway - Holiday homes have omre space and amazing views that allow you to relax
  • Holiday home spaces are kid friendly and have access to more facilities
  • Queenstown Holiday Home maid services add on as a concierge service with any holiday home