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Need a career break? – Go to Queenstown!

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Ever thought about taking a break from your career, for whatever reason? Gap year exists for students and holidays exist for everyone but taking a year out to do something new, rejuvenate and either renew your passion, come up with new ideas or simply explore other options a career break might be just what you need. 

Queenstown is a great place to escape to – our community are people focused, the business network are support, we welcome innovation and ideas, we welcoming Kiwi’s into our workforce and we love when you love our home too. Come to Queenstown and use your career choice in a different context, apply your skills to a new industry or discovering you can get paid for doing the things you love to do in your spare time… 

We asked Kirsty, a teacher of 15 years, what her Queenstown sabbatical experience was like, she shares some of her story below.  

“I am coming to the end of almost a year spent in in Queenstown.  Leaving the bustling metropolis of Levin and a high school teaching career to take on a new challenge away from teenagers. Luckily for me I had some wonderful friends who offered me the opportunity to work in Queenstown, how could I say no, being an avid skier and loving the outdoors I jumped at the opportunity.  

It has been an absolutely wonderful year.  Being able to go out and eat any day of the week at an amazing restaurant, even better if you book through first table for 50% off the bill.  Just last night I got to have an amazing meal at the Wakatipu grill, its worth it for the location alone, another highlight was eating a chefs choice meal at The Mill House at Millbrook Resort, but my best and most favourite meal for a very decent price was the Pho Bo at Saigon Kingdom for only $16.  

Cocktails were also high on my agenda having awesome atmosphere and friendly staff Bardeaux and the Bunker were go to’s on any night out with my sophisticated friends.    

Reward fresh was my saviour for my caffeine fix and scrumptious little morsels for lunch or beaky, their soups in the winter time are next level!!

Finishing a shattering day at work and looking at stunning surrounding views always made me feel better about my back breaking work, it honestly takes your breath away.  I loved walking/riding along the queens town trails or heading up the hill for a sneaky night ski after work. There really is always something to do here if you are prepared to go out and do it.

I have travelled the work and there really is no place like Queenstown. It’s crazy busy at times but in the lulls it really reverts back to feeling the little holiday town I knew as a child. I am going to miss this place and I know I will be back to make the most of all this place has to offer.”