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Meet your neighbour Simon

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Simon | 15 years Local | Your Fernhill Neighbour.

Simon has been visiting Queenstown since before the Glenorchy road was finished, he bought a holiday home here but decided to call Queenstown home in 2004. 

Simon mentioned he has seen many changes in his time here, some good, some bad but none of them dull. He also mentioned some things have never changed the Remarkables and also the Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu at any time of the day and in any light. 

Here is some more of Simon’s local story: 

The funny, interesting, annoying, frustrating, humorous, quirky, stimulating things are what keeps me here. From visiting my new born granddaughter at Frankton Hospital, from driving my friends Nissan Skyline Twin Turbo around Dalefield at 4 o’clock in the morning, to walking up the old Glenorchy upper bridle track from Dart Place, and then deviating to the Summit of Ben Lomond before descending for a quiet beverage and then home and playing golf with my friend – something of a story I’ll share with you below. 

On this day after a quick coffee at home in Fernhill, our first stop was the Golf Pro Shop my friend needed a new driver. A quick trial of the new driver on the driving range had me a bit nervous with the 250-280 metres my opponent was getting. I could see I would definitely be relying on him driving for show, and me putting for dough!

A quiet coffee at The Hills clubhouse had us both energised for the ensuing next few hours. We discussed our perceived strengths and weaknesses while studying the course map, before heading off to the Golf Course for a round.

Right from the first, we actually put our competitive spirit on the back burner, and just enjoyed our surroundings, and the competition of trying to subdue the course together. We were happy and annoyed for each other, at regular intervals as we progressed. This particular afternoon involved wolves, horses, a particularly harassed gentleman, insects as in the illustration, a birdie, as lined up, and several very pleasing pars. 

A small distraction was the very welcome visit of the drinks cart at the tenth. The round was lengthened by a small amount of enjoying the carefully designed vistas spread before us on every hole, not only at the tees, but also at many and various parts of the fairways, and on the greens. Some of the roughs were also well featured in our sightseeing. 

After our round, a visit to the clubhouse was in order for a bite and another drink. With pleasant ambience and company we lingered a while as we added up our scores, with myself conceding by one shot. But golf was definitely the winner on the day!”