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Queenstown Bloody Mary Diaries

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Kirsty spent the past 11 months in Queenstown – taking a carer break shall we say, read more about her Queenstown extended stay here. Whilst her Bloody Mary Diaries rates this very specific beverage –  loved by some, hated by others – in many destinations, we thought we would share her Top 5 Queenstown Bloody Mary’s. Follow Kirsty’s Bloody Mary Diaries at #kb’sbloodymarydiaries on Instagram.

“A Bloody Mary is simply tomato juice and vodka right? Wrong, so very wrong – it is the accompanying spices, potions and the very important garnish that make this drink the most underrated of all grandma’s favourite beverages.  

I stumbled upon this gem of a drink whilst feeling rather seedy on the morning after a night out in Queenstown. Many people out there will be in this very same predicament and let me tell you having a good Bloody Mary for breakfast completely changed my life(?!).  

This drink is so well balanced perfectly spiced and it seems there are secret ingredient and variations that has sparked a fascination to find the best Bloody Mary world-wide but staying close home here are my top five for Queenstown. 

Number 1: Yonder | 9.5/10

Hands down the best Bloody Mary in Queenstown, beautifully balanced and spiced, I could drink these all day, would probably be too spicy for grandma but boy are they good and consistently so – trust me I’ve had a few. 

Number 2: The Lodge Bar | 9/10 

Presentation great and garnish to die for a great big bit of pickle – yummy! This is a is very fruity and nicely spiced beverage and the location of this bar almost elevated this to number one – if you want a Bloody Mary with a lake view and wonderful service then head here for sure.

Number 3: Bendix Stables | 8.5/10

A day as a sober driver should not stop you partaking and this Virgin Bloody Mary. Delicately spiced but just lacked a tiny bit of heat. Garnish with celery and olives. 

Number 4: World Bar | 8/10

With a little help from the neighbouring bar – No. 1 on this list –  the World Bar Bloody Mary was catapulted from the worst (experienced on a different occasion… second chances are sometime worthwhile) to No. 4 on the list – they lost a few points  for poor presentation, as I do love a well presented drink with things to nibble on as garnish. If you are ordering here it worth mentioning how much you like Yonder’s recipe!!

Number 5: Airspresso | 7/10

A spicy wee tipple is served here in a short glass with celery and lemon as the garnish.  A fresh wee drop that was surprisingly good for an airport provider!! Check-in or out with one of these at Queenstown Airport.

Side note: “Bardeaux made a fairly spectacular Bloody Mary, garnished with my own mini antipasto selection, but unfortunately the bar is not open when you traditionally drink this beverage – morning for most, any time for me – if you love a good Bloody Mary in the evening, twist the arm of the mixologist at Bardeaux for your special treat. ”